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In 1986 the village Druzhelyubivka Vilnyanskiy district of Zaporozhye region was built and opened a new modern eight-year school. She opened the door for 153 children Druzhelyubivskoyi village council. The first director was a graduate of Physics and Mathematics Zaporozhye State University Zdravchev Ivan Ivanovich, deputy director of educational work - Spytsin Yuri Pavlovich. In 1989 he became director of the school Druzhelyubivskoyi Shibaev Alexander, deputy director of studies - Hamahin Evgeny, deputy director of educational work - Kharchenko Nina. In 1990 Druzhelyubivska HS reorganized in high school. From 1993 to 1997 worked as director of the school Mohylat Yuri, deputy director of educational work - Kharchenko Nina.

Change management

With the change of administration in 1997, the school became a new stage of development. Under the direction of Svetlana V. Spokes and deputy director of educational work Pelech Lyudmila and then Kruchak Larissa Anatoliyivna improved external and internal appearance of the school, classrooms, increased levels of the educational process. For his work spokes Svetlana V. repeatedly awarded prizes Vilnyanskiy RVO. In 2000 and 2003 this honor awarded all staff Druzhelyubivskoyi -III and secondary school levels. Over the years the school Druzhelyubivskoyi (1986 - 2013 gg.) Was released students. Among them are doctors, lawyers, economists, university professors, school teachers, engineers, agronomists, military. Gold Medal awarded four disciples, silver - 3 students. In 2003 the school was a personal computer, which was presented to the school on September 1 and initiated the information in our educational institution. And in 2005 came the second computer, which became our loyal assistant director shkoly.U the same year the first school pid`yednano to the Internet. In 2007, through the efforts of our District Council and the Department of Education school was established modern educational computer complex that included eight pupils and one PC Teachers, which brought our educational institution to the next level using information - communication technologies. In 2008 school year, school teachers start to be widely used in the educational process of innovative technologies. And electronic textbooks and encyclopedias are alongside the classic textbooks. In 2009 the school system started working again hot food.

Regulations = = September 1, 2012 the school opened a pre-school group for five years, and the institution was reorganized into educational complex. Gold fund school - our teachers. Teaching staff totals 19 people. Of these 5 teachers with a qualification category of "Specialist of the highest category," one teacher has the title of "senior teacher". The staff is energetic, hard-working, concerned about individual development of each student's school. Now in our complex of 12 classrooms, a large sports hall, dining room, computer room, library, methodical study.


Today Druzhelyubivskyy SPC - a launching pad for good beginnings and downs of each pet. The school's glorious past, present beautiful and definitely bright and wonderful future. Ahead of new highs, opening, win, achievement.


materials on site http://druzhzosh-nvk.ucoz.ua/publ/istorija_zakladu/1-1-0-2 Site Druzhelyubivskyy SPC

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